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How to Play Bingo

Nowadays, a lot of people are hooked into playing bingo. It is said that bingo originated in Italy in the 1500s. It spread sporadically in neighboring countries such as France, Great Britain, and other parts of Europe. There are different rules in playing bingo, depending on where you are playing it. The United States has a 75 ball bingo, while the United Kingdom has a 90 ball bingo game. There is a great difference between the two.

In the United Kingdom, bingo became more popular in the year 2005. It is played mainly in bingo halls. At present, they are increasingly building bingo halls. They also play bingo along the seaside, where there are screens in front of the players and the caller reads the number. Bingo is famous because of the huge cash prizes at stake.

Characteristics of Bingo Cards

The usual appearance of a 90 ball bingo card is described below:

  • It has 27 spaces, arranged in three rows and nine columns.
  • Numbers 1 to 9 comprise the first column.
  • Numbers 11 to 20 are in the second column.
  • The third column has numbers 21 to 30.
  • The fourth column has numbers 31 to 40, and so on.
  • The last column has numbers 81 to 90.

There are variations in bingo cards, depending on where it is played and the companies who are producing it. You can choose whether to play one strip or up to six strips. The six strips of bingo have all the 90 numbers, and there is no repetition in numbers. Once the number is called, you should mark it.

How to Win in Bingo

The caller calls a number from 1 to 90. You need to mark your card with the number that was called if you have the number. Don’t mark if you don’t have the number. The caller will repeat the number over and over again, a cue for the persons playing to look at their bingo cards if they have the configuration or not. If you have the configuration, you have to shout BINGO, or anything else that you need to shout. Then it will be determined if it is valid or not. If you win, you will have the prize. But if there are others who also won, you will split the prize.

The winning combinations are as follows:

How to Play Bingo
  • Line – you have marked all the numbers in a horizontal line on the ticket.
  • Two Lines – you have marked two horizontal lines on the ticket.
  • Full house – you have marked all the numbers on the ticket.

It is very important to be keen with your bingo cards, and don’t miss to shout BINGO in order to be an official winner. Once the caller shouts another number without you shouting BINGO, you will miss the opportunity to claim the prize.

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