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Bingo: Device Used to Generate Numbered Balls

Bingo, which is a form of lottery game, is about random selection of numbered balls and calling the numbers out. The numbered balls that are randomly drawn are mainly generated by means of two methods – the classical use of mechanical ball blower or the use of a technological device like electronic random number generator. Both devices are effectively used in generating randomly stirred balls during the game.

A mechanical ball blower is a large lottery machine or cage where numbered balls are placed. They are stirred by blowing air inside or are manually rotated by the operator to allow random selection of numbers. Numbers are then called out to the players to match them with the numbers on their bingo cards.

Bingo: Device Used to Generate Numbered Balls

On the other hand, an electronic random number generator is a technological device using the computer to randomly choose a number. When a bingo number is drawn, the flash board, which is seen at the top of the screen, is automatically updated by the electronic device, which generates a random number, in order to indicate which numbers have been already drawn and not yet drawn. Typically, dark gray numbers on the flashboard are the numbers not yet drawn, while the numbers in bright white are the numbers that have been drawn.

Both the mechanical ball blower and the electronic random number generator accurately generate random numbers for the players. However, the electronic random number generator produces a number faster than the mechanical ball blower. In addition, it keeps the player on the right track during the game by keeping him updated on the flow of events. Also, it lessens the responsibility of the bingo operator of constantly updating the bingo numbers.

Although the mechanical ball blower’s price is cheaper and less complicated to use than the electronic random number generator, its function is limited to generating a random number. The technological device, however, is able to perform more than what is expected of a mechanical device and can make the process much easier for both the operator and the players.

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