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Tracking Down Bingo History in the UK

Bingo is known to be one of the favourite gambling games all over the world. A lot of people know what it is, but only a few know its history. Now, let’s trace back its history and how it has been a hit in the UK.

Are you aware that bingo brought the UK by storm in almost three decades after it had grown to the pedestal of its popularity in the US? According to an ancient Italian lottery system, the game became contagious from Italy to France to Germany before it crossed all over the globe and became one of the most in-demand lottery games in the United States in the early years of 1930.

In Britain, the fad over bingo started a bit later, specifically in the early 1960s. Chasing for an entertaining after-war game to cheer up the nation, Eric Morley, Mecca‘s general manager, found bingo, which was played as a group in numerous towns in the US during his quick visit to the country.

Motivated by the will to bring bingo to the spotlight, Morley worked with Mecca – his current employer during that time – to introduce a mass-market bingo into the UK. Looking for a prospective platform for bingo, he launched bingo games to Mecca’s group of dancing ballrooms, investing on the sliding order for conventional dance outings. It was an overnight success. The British people were responsive too, rapidly accepting bingo games that took place in their areas.

Tracking Down Bingo History in the UK

Morley’s bingo formula was a bit different from the North American version. It changed from 70 to 90 balls. It was quickly seen as more of a sophisticated event than the US version. This is because of the wide assortments of venues that Mecca had to its bingo gamers.

Known to be a “new thing” during that time, bingo became one of the favourite hobbies in Britain, and thousands of individuals went to bingo halls every night. The investment of Mecca in Morley’s idea really paid off. And throughout the decade, the company’s bingo halls continued to rise.

There are also other companies who noticed the success of Mecca. The opening success of bingo in the UK led to numerous competitors in the field of bingo, ranging from small, independent operators to huge gaming corporations. Bingo became to be a very in-demand yet niche game to be one of the country’s biggest gaming and entertainment forms.

Tracking Down Bingo History in the UK

However, all good things come to an end. Just as quick as it arrived, its popularity turned gloomy. The younger generations did not enjoy such game as much as the oldies. From 1960s to the 1980s, bingo was at its cemented status.

In the early 1990s, bingo regained its stardom with its new and virtual version. Through this method of bingo gaming, many people can easily get access and understand the game in a jiffy. The online renaissance of bingo led to a massive increase of bingo players all over the world. Now, this previously underground British hobby came back with action, with its newer and better version.

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